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Goldwing GL1500 Audio parts & accessories

Goldwing GL1500  Audio parts & accessories

Goldwing GL1500  Audio parts & accessories

Goldwing 15 watt Speakers

Honda Goldwing 15 watt SpeakersA great way to upgrade your sound system is to replace the OEM 8 watt front or rear speakers with our 15 watt replaceme..

€35.41 Ex Tax: €28.79

Goldwing 4.5 inch Midrange Speakers

Honda Goldwing 4.5 inch Midrange SpeakersThese 4-1/2" by 2 1/8" deep replacement speakers feature 30 Watts of output. Weather-ability is enhanced..

€51.56 Ex Tax: €41.92

J&M Intercom Cord HC-ZC

"This is J&M®'s heavy-duty Z-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord to be used with all J&M® Elite Series headset #'s HS-ECD629, HS-ICD629, H..

€96.92 Ex Tax: €78.79

Microphone Wind Sock (small)

This Small Replacement Windsock safeguards against the elements and alleviates wind noise without affecting voice transmission.SMALL REPLACEMENT, Wind..

€9.43 Ex Tax: €7.67


4 Inch O.E.M Replacement speakers 35W. Fits front GL1100 and GL1200 and the rear GL 1500..

€35.41 Ex Tax: €28.79

P-Series Lower-Section 8-pin Cord

This P-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord is to be used with all J&M headset series #'s HS-ICD284, HS-BCD279, HS-ICD279, HS-CD9279, HS-BCD277..

€37.73 Ex Tax: €30.68


Audio Controller allows passenger to have volume control for speakers and press to talk capabilities for CB. Plugs into existing wire harness, no spli..

€78.83 Ex Tax: €64.09

Performance Series Headset w/HO AeroMike® III Open/Flip/Full-face Style

This new performance series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most flip-up modular, open-face and full-face style hel..

€178.35 Ex Tax: €145.00

P-Series Component 8-Pin Upper-Section Right-Angle Hook-Up Cord

This is J&M®'s P-series component 8-pin upper-section right-angle hook-up cord. It may also be used as a replacement for the 8-pin upper-section h..

€35.79 Ex Tax: €29.10

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