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GL1800 2012-2016 Inner Fairing parts and accessories

GL1800 2012-2016 Inner Fairing parts and accessories

Goldwing GL1800 2012-2016 Inner Fairing parts and accessories

2012-17 Goldwing Dash Door Accents

2012 Honda Goldwing GL1800 Dash Door AccentsThese chrome ABS dash door accents add a great look and make the dash doors pop against the black mat..

€77.53 Ex Tax: €63.04

Chrome ISO-Throttle Boss

Description:Chrome ISO-Throttle BossAdded to the popular Kuryakyn ISO-Grips, this little jewel can make all the difference in the world on a long..

€28.04 Ex Tax: €22.80

Clutch Side Switch Block (LED)

This chrome switch block assembly incorporates 3 rocker style switches with bright amber LED’s. This switch block mounts on the clutch side of the bik..

€95.37 Ex Tax: €77.53

Flush Reusable Rivets

Big Bike Parts adds to its 8mm and 15mm Reusable Plastic Rivets a new 6mm Flush Reusable Rivet as used extensively on the GL1800 Fairing Pockets and ..

€16.15 Ex Tax: €13.13

Front Speaker Trim

Description:Front Speaker Trim for GL1800 ModelsGive your dash a blast of sizzling style that you can see every time you ride. This perfectly sized ac..

€58.54 Ex Tax: €47.59

GL1500, GL1800 Handlebar Clamp Plugs

The chromed ABS Handlebar Plugs replace the stock OEM plugs or are a cost effective replacement should you lose the original plugs.Fits all years GL15..

€15.51 Ex Tax: €12.61

GL1800 CB Controller Cover

Honda Goldwing GL1800 CB Controller CoverSpecifically designed to accent the OEM CB controller contours and incorporates a high luster chrome for a su..

€38.25 Ex Tax: €31.10

GL1800 Chrome Front Speaker Grilles 06on

Honda Goldwing GL1800 Chrome Front Speaker Grilles 06onThese tri-chromed ABS grills are perfectly contoured to fit the outline of the front speak..

€42.97 Ex Tax: €34.93

GL1800 Chrome ISO-Grips for Heated Grips

Description: Honda Goldwing GL1800 Chrome ISO-Grips for GL1800 with Heated Grips Now you can have the luxurious feel and custom look of our IS..

€123.67 Ex Tax: €100.54

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