Shinywing - Exploring the Pathfinder Products You Should Invest In 


When you’re riding your motorcycle, one of the most important things is visibility. Ideally, you want to have the maximum visibility so that you can ride safely no matter the environment you’re in. LED lights provide upgrades in visibility, and one of the top brands in this area is Pathfinder.  


At Shinywing, we sell a number of Pathfinder products including LED light kits. Below, read on to learn more about our selection of products, and why you should visit our store today.  


About the Pathfinder Brand 


If you haven’t heard of this name before, then not to worry as Shinywing will give you a brief introduction. Pathfinder is a manufacturer of LED light products, with their solutions highly popular and recommended in the industry. Pathfinder products give impressive levels of brightness, which means that the road ahead of you will be adequately illuminated, and your bike will also be visible to other road users. To buy Pathfinder products, go to our site today. 


Looking at the Pathfinder Products we sell 


Here at Shinywing, we stock a number of products from the Pathfinder brand. In particular, we sell Goldwing LED light kits at low prices. A popular option is the Rectangle LED Fog Light Kit from Pathfinder, which is a brand-new all-in-one lights solution. When you utilise these lights, you will have powerful LEDs, which dramatically brighten up the road and allow you to see more clearly whilst you’re on the go.  


These LEDs also come with an individual set of LED daytime running lights, which are already integrated into the driving light, and upgrade the overall look on the motorcycle. Simultaneously, they will ensure that the rider has improved visibility on the road. For more details on this LED Fog Light Kit, go to the Shinywing site today.  


Another popular product from Pathfinder is the LED High Beam Headlight Kit, which is for the GL1800 and F6B. These lights are greatly improved, with bulbs that are three times brighter thanks to new generation LEDs with 4000 theoretical lumens and 6000K colour temperature. They come as pairs, and you can install them with ease.  


What’s more, they come with a passive cooling system that ensures optimum efficiency, compared to other options on the market. To learn more about this kit, or any other Goldwing LED light kits, go to our online store today.  


Why come to Shinywing? 


Shinywing is a premier supplier of all Goldwing accessories, having been established in the industry since 2010. Based in Ireland, we supply customers all over the world, reaching riders in all countries in Europe and further afield.  


All of our accessories and parts are of the highest quality, and have been tested on our own bikes to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Furthermore, as part of our shopping experience, we offer affordable postage charges and a minimum 12 month warranty on all products. If you’d like to make an order for Goldwing LED light kits, visit our online shop today. 


Want to Buy Goldwing LED Light Kits? 


If you’re searching for somewhere that sells Goldwing LED Light Kits, then Shinywing is the best place to come. We stock a variety of LED light kits from the Pathfinder brand, with all products at very competitive prices. You will always get value for your money when you shop for Pathfinder products at Shinywing.  


To browse through our entire collection of products, please visit our website today. Should you require any assistance or would like to ask a specific question, then you can contact us via the online form on our website, and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible. You can also call us directly on + 353 873845745 to speak with a member of our team in more depth.