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OptiMate 3 Battery Charger OptiMate 3 Battery Charger
Top Brand
Brand: Optimate Model: TM430
OptiMate 3 Desulfating/Maintainig ChargerSmaller, lighter and more powerful than ist predessorDiagnoses, recovers, chargers, checks and maintains batteries safely for monthsAdvanced, fully automatic battery charger and maintainer for all 12V lead-acid batteries from 2,5 to 50A hours capacity.Recomme..
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Optimate 4 Dual Program Charger
Top Brand
Brand: Optimate Model: TM340
Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery ChargerOptiMate 4, the ultimate all-in-one tool for 12V battery care at home, now with dual program that diagnoses, recovers, chargers, tests and optimally maintains your battery automaticallyCharge the battery directly or select the program to charge via the 12V port..
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Optimate LFP 4S Lithium Battery Charger
Top Brand
Brand: Optimate Model: TM470
Optimate LFP 4S 0.8A 12V Lithium Battery ChargerHelps to maintain your lithium iron phosphate battery and ensure a long battery lifeChecks battery for short circuits, dead cells and voltage retentionBattery maintainer’s specific program effieciently recharges and balances energy cell levelsAvailable..
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Optimate Lithium Charger Optimate Lithium Charger
Top Brand
Brand: Optimate Model: TM290
Honda Goldwing Optimate Lithium Battery ChargerOptiMate™ lithium, the first OptiMate to protect your LiFePO4 battery in a way no other charger hasWill protect your investment and keep your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 / LFP) battery performing as advertised for a very long timeWith 5 Amps of..
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