Sena 30K Duel System Bluetooth Mesh Intercom

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Self-optimizing and intuitive tech so you can focus on the ride

Sena Mesh Intercom™ technology is now here and ready to change your ride. Simply press the button on top of the 30K to turn on public mode, and you will be automatically and instantaneously connected to a virtually limitless amount of 30K users within a mile range. Intercom connections are also now more stable than ever with Sena’s new Mesh Intercom™ technology. When one of a group’s riders goes out of range, the rest of the group remains seamlessly connected while the 30K still intelligently searches for the lost connection and reconnects automatically once back in range. No longer will you have to worry about losing half of your group due to a Bluetooth chain linked connection of the past. With private mode you can invite and communicate with up to 16 riders at a range of up to 2.0 km (1.2 miles), while an endless amount of Guests can join to listen in as well. When riding with 5 or more riders, the Mesh Intercom will intelligently keep the group connected at a range of up to 8 km in ideal riding environments (5 miles).

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Sena 30K Duel System

  • Brand: Sena
  • Product Code: 30K-01D
  • Availability: 2 - 3 Days
  • €524.65
  • €314.79

  • Ex Tax: €255.93

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