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GL1500 Used Parts

GL1500 Used Parts

Honda Goldwing GL1500 Used Parts

GL1500 carburetor

Honda Goldwing GL1500 carburetor. Taken from a 1989 GL1500..

€149.90 Ex Tax: €121.87

GL1500 CDI Ignitor Box

Honda Goldwing GL1500 CDI Ignitor Box,Number on box  MT2551B1 8X10U. Taken from a 1988 GL1500..

€130.52 Ex Tax: €106.11

GL1500 Reverse Control Unit

Honda Goldwing GL1500 Reverse Control Unit, Honda Part Number: 36400-MN5-0050. Came off a 1988 Goldwing GL1500..

€40.06 Ex Tax: €32.57

GL1500 Right hand Handlebar Switch

Honda Goldwing GL1500 Right hand Handlebar Switch. Taken from a 1989 GL1500..

€40.06 Ex Tax: €32.57

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